Greetings, traveler!

Welcome to my humble corner on the internet. My name is Andri Peetso, and I'm an author, a health enthusiast (biohacker) & entrepreneur.

I am also into filmmaking, photography, marketing, coding, copywriting, podcasting, cryptocurrencies & Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Currently, I'm focused on building my businesses—an online store & a media platform.

This page & my podcast exist as an open diary on how I'm solving my problems & getting stuff to work.

I'm also publishing a weekly newsletter. It's super simple, straight to the (bullet) point e-mail with books, podcasts, articles & (bio)hacks I've been engaged with that week.

Projects I'm working on

Currently, I am most focused on building an environmental wellness platform—Whomesome. We're teaching people the importance of keeping their surroundings clean.

In 2021 I published Mastering Fasting. It's a science-based book about intermittent fasting and how to do it right.

I am also building an e-commerce business with products that promote good health—Tsirkaadia.

Let's stay in touch

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